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• 10/1/2013


Please reply if you're still active. Although I doubt anyone actually is.
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• 5/10/2013


I've noticed not much has been going on here. We haven't had any writers cafes, new reviews or a contest winner yet.
I know I'm not the head admin here or anything but I would like to get this wiki up and running again because I hate how nothing's happening.
Have a writing piece you would like to be reviewed? Post a link on my message wall or a review admins wall. 
Writers cafe has a little bit more planning involved. Any suggested times? put them below.
And contests, I will be removing the somthing strange contest as no one has entered it and be putting a new one up as soon as the other 2 are concluded or near end.
Anything you want to see happen around here just put it below or post it on my wall. 
Write your hearts out!
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• 4/7/2013

Scavenger Hunt

Hello! Exciting news; the SpotLight Wiki might be holding a scavenger hunt soon.
There will be fifteen clues hidden on select pages (These can include forum pages), and each clue will be accompanied by a letter. Once you find all the clues, you'll be directed to fill out a form stating the page and letter of every clue. The first winner will recieve a banner on the main page for a story of their choice for three days. Second and third place winners will also recieve honorable mentions.
Would you like to join?
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• 3/29/2013

Writer's Cafe Schedule

Hello! If you are participating in Writer's Cafe, the schedule and times are posted in the link below:
Hope you come! :)
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• 3/28/2013

Hello! Hi! Heya!

Hi guys! Kinda bored... I just posted a story on my blog; anyone want to read it? It's not quite ready to be posted on FFN, so I wanted your thoughts on it first! Here's the link:
Thanks! :D
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• 3/25/2013

How To: Edit your Profile

Every user's profile represents their uniqueness and creativity. There are several different ways to spruce up your profile, here are just a few for you to consider!
Adding a slider or slideshow
Adding a slider/slideshow is almost like adding a mini-picture movement screen to your profile. You can post several pictures in a row, and link + describe all of them in the provided section. While sliders are generally larger and cannot store as many photos, slideshows are generally smaller and are generally used for smaller projects.
1. Go to your profile page and click the 'Edit profile' button on top.
2. In "Visual" mode, you will see a sections tab in the right side under "Add features and media". 
3. Click on either the "Slideshow" or "Slider" button.
4. Select or upload your own photo to add. Once it is added, you can put a brienf description and link another page.
Adding a photo
Adding a photo is perhaps the easiest way to add something extra to your profile without having to deal with complicated syntax codes or taking a great deal of time.
1. Click on the "Photo" button under the "Add features and media" tab.
2. Youc an either select a photo that is already uploaded or upload your own. To upload your own, simply click the "browse" button and select a photo from your laptop.
3. Choose the size and placement. Photos can range from 50px to 580px, to much larger and much smaller. You can choose! You also have the ability to choose whether you want it placed in the left of right corner of the screen.
Linking Different Pages
This is very easily done in the "Visual" mode, and can offer different links to various resources on your profile.
1. In "Visual" mode, write a sentence or two that will contain the linked site.
2. Highlight the word(s) that you want to have the link attached to. This can be anywhere from one word to the entire page that you link!
3. Click the small "link" or "attach" button at the left corner in the profile settings. It is placed next to the bold and italicize button.
4. Copy and paste the URL into the provided space if it is from a different site. If you wish to link a different page on the wiki (i.e., Oneshots Page, Userboxes, Contests), simply type in the exact page title.
There are thousands of ways to add things to your profile; the above three are the easiest! Have fun designing and experimenting.
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• 3/25/2013

How To: Make A UserBox

Userboxes are ways that users can express their own set of ideas! Making your very own custom userbox is very simple.
All you have to do is copy+paste the syntax below and replace the capitalized words with with your choices:

{|style="padding: 8px; background-color: COLOUR; border: 4px solid COLOUR; width: 60%;-moz-border-radius:10px;"
|align="left"|[[File:PICTURE FILE NAME|200px]]
|align="center"|<font color="COLOUR"><font size="3">INSERT TEXT HERE</font></font>

For example, this:

{|style="padding: 8px; background-color: white; border: 4px solid black; width: 60%;-moz-border-radius:10px;"
|align="center"|<font color="black"><font size="3">This user is a member of the SpotLight Wikia</font></font>

Makes this:

This user is a member of the SpotLight Wikia

You can check out the "Template:Userbox" page for more examples of userboxes!
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• 3/25/2013

Writer's Cafe

Hello there! So, nope, I guess that this isn't really "breaking" news, but...
There will be a Writer's Cafe soon!
For those of you guys that don't know what Writer's Cafe is, it is a free-write prompt session on chat. If you're interested in attending, please fill out the info here.
- Alexi :D
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• 3/22/2013

Any ideas?

First forum thingie!!! lol :p So what's up guys? If anybody reads this...I would like to ask (again if anybody reads this) if any of y'all have any ideas to promote this wiki. So... any ideas? I
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