• JustCallMeDee :)

    Pitter, patter, pitter, patter was all that was heard throughout the Brewer house hold. The rain beat down on the roof top hard. The thunder was so loud you would think there was a lion on the loose. The lightning was so bright and scary that even the most toughest people would be scared. Take Kim Crawford for example, a girl who was wide awake. She was lying in the Brewer's living room in her purple sleeping bag. Now Kim Crawford was a tough girl mind you. If you got on her bad side thoug, you must either be sucidal or just insane to go there. She would drop kick you to the moon if you called her a 'Southern Belle' or 'Just a Blonde'. She hates it when people underestimate her because she is a girl and has a blond hair. Kim may have a tom…

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  • -EverybodyKnows-

    . . . . . WRITER'S CAFE . . . . .

    Heya guys! The first Writer's Cafe starts at about:

    Saturday (Tomorrow): Starting at 6:30 - 7:00 PM EST / 5:30 - 6:00 PM CENTRAL / 3:30 - 4:00 PACIFIC

    If you have any scheduling conflicts; you can always come later on during the session! The times above are just the approximate times at which it will start, and you're welcome to leave and enter as you please throughout the whole time.

    If you have any questions, just leave them on my messaging wall. The times I posted are for U.S. time zones; so if you live in another country, just leave a note on my wall and I'll convert the times from U.S. to another country for you.

    Hope you attend!

    - Alexi :)

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  • CupcakesForever12

    Second Date

    March 26, 2013 by CupcakesForever12

    I'm doing the 200 word contest! WHOO! So, please enjoy!!

    Jack ran out of his house and sped walk to the dojo, wanting to get there early to meet Kim. He had to ask her something important, that just wouldn't leave his mind. He want to ask her on a second date. Their first date was great, magical, just...incredible, and he needed more time with her. He entered the dojo to find Kim drinking from her water bottle. "Kim!" He cried. Kim turned around to face a slightly sweating Jack. She smiled and replied "Hey! So, why did you want me to meet you early?" She asked. He wanted to blurt it out, but he would sound too desperate. Well, he was desperate. "Um, do you want to go out again tonight or tomorrow? On our second date?" Kim bit her bottom lip…

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  • -EverybodyKnows-


    March 26, 2013 by -EverybodyKnows-

    A/N: Hiya! So, on FFN, I have a story posted called "Black, White, and Red". I ran out of ideas for that one, but instead of giving up on the idea entirely, I decided to re-write it again; just in a slightly different style. 

    To all those whom haven't read the other version, then bienvenu! Bienvenido! Benvenuto! Bem-vindo! Welcome! An introduction in five different languages... Ah, the power of Google Translate.

    Warning: This is AU, and a bit OOC, so.... Just needed to put that out there.

    Disclaimer: I do not own Kickin' It, Disney XD, or Another Cinderella Story


    "You just gotta be happy, but sometimes that's hard. So just remember to smile, smile, smile.

    And that's a good enough start!"

    - Smile by McFly


    Players of the Game


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  • -EverybodyKnows-

    Writer's Cafe

    March 25, 2013 by -EverybodyKnows-

    . . . WRITER'S CAFE . . .

    Writer's Cafe is a free-write prompt session on chat designed to help and improve writing skills. We will have a SpotLight Writer's Cafe soon, and I would love to know if you are interested in joining our first ever session!

    Certain prompts will be given once it is started. You shall have a twenty-minute time frame to write, and then submit them (via chat) to read everyone else's! There are also other activities, such as review sessions, grammar/punctation/spelling help, new story ideas, and just chatting! 

    There is no scheduled time for the next Writer's Cafe yet; are you interested?

    If you want to join, please leave your name and which day(s) and time you are available during this week (please put time zones too) in…

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  • J'adore-la-plage-et-les-montagnes


    It's Meg here with a swasome story for Nina's contest.  

    I'm going to try to spend a bit of time here.  Love the idea of Spotlight :)  

    Here you go!!!  


    And the 205 word count begins.... NOW!  

       Jack Brewer was smitten with Kim Crawford.  True, she was a cheerleader.  But she was tougher than stone.   Never one to whine, never backed down from a fight.  She had a heart of gold, but her glare sent men running.   Jack found this adorable and very attractive. 

    Milton Krumpnick knew how the media had taught girls to value beauty over intelligence.   Spray tans,  slutty clothes, he didn't get it.  He wanted someone with real beauty, and he found Julie.  A girl just as smart as he was.  She wore no disguise, just a smile and a beautiful …

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  • ILoveCows

    Winter wonderland

    March 23, 2013 by ILoveCows

    So I was a little bit bored... :)

    _________________________________________________________________________ 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH' I screamed as loud as I could and ran behind Milton. Jack was after me.

    It all started when we, Jack and I, looked out the window. We saw something. Something beautiful. But I knew from that moment on he would be after me.

    'KIM! WHERE ARE YOU!?' I flinched as I heard him scream my name.

    'Kim, you wanna let go? You're kind of.. you know... HOLDING ME TOO TIGHTLY' Milton screeched. I instantly let go of his skinny arm and searched for Jack.


    It hit me. Hit me hard. I turned around and what do I see?

    A brunnette boy laughing his butt off.


    I knelt down, made a snowball and chucked it at him. …

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  • JazzieMars

    A Rekindled Promise

    March 23, 2013 by JazzieMars

    A Rekindled Promise



    Hey, guys! So, I wrote this the Prompt-A-Day challenge! Special thanks to Meg for letting us you it! I enjoyed writing this but It's not my best work. I found it kind of confusing and rushed when reading it over, but I'll post it anyway. You can be the judge of that. For all those Fluff lovers out there, you'll get tons in this story! :D


    He shoved his frigid hands deeper into the pockets of his black denim jeans. Out of all the days he chose to give a embarrassing, genuine confession to someone he just had to choose one of the most coldest days of the year. He reached out and quickly rang the doorbell be…

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  • ILoveCows

    CONTEST :)

    March 22, 2013 by ILoveCows


    I'm bored :D

    And decided to hold a contest :)

    I have NO idea on what... but here's an idea?

    Write a 200 word story about Kickin it

    It can be about ANYTHING but MUST BE 100 WORDS LONG

    So would y'all wanna try and win? Or not? Idk :) Up to you :)

    I'm just bored.... xD

    Btw if you are entering... please post it on my wall :) - Ninaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Seems like a few people are interested.. Didn't see that coming :P Aw thanks gusy and the deadline is.... 3rd April :)

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  • JazzieMars

    A Change Of Heart

    March 22, 2013 by JazzieMars

    A Change Of Heart



    Warning: The following piece contains very violent themes and a quite evil side of Jack. If you are not okay with the following, do not read.

    Hey, guys! So, I wrote this for the 200 word contest by ILoveCows, and it turned out to be exactly 200 words! Yay me! Anyway, this is the first time I've written something so dark and it's really not like me, but I'm posting it anyway. :D Enjoy!


    He twirled the piece of metal between his fingers, running his thumb along the edge of the blade before putting it to the man's throat and pushing it lightly into his skin. He saw the man wince in pain and he cried out for mercy…

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  • JustCallMeDee :)

    Hey guys! This is my first blog on here! I just want to say Spotlight is awesome! So far everything about it is so cool! I love how there are betas willing to help you out, really awesome admins and cool contests! So far I've entered one and I'm really excited! I hope it has a chance at winning! Anyways I gotta go but really I give spotlight so far an A+!! :)

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  • Flamebeast


    March 9, 2013 by Flamebeast

    If you've read my profile, then you know about my little supernatural obsession. I simply adore using ghosts in my stories. One thing I love about ghosts is that they were people. They still have memories and friends and such from their past that they may or may not want to know about their current "condition". I've had a dream about being a ghost once, if that tells you how far my interest goes.

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  • JazzieMars

    Hey, hey, hey! Now, I'm coming to you all they way from my computer screen to talk about a disease that you have been affected with your entire writing life. Cliches.*Cue Duh Duh Duhhh.*

    I know, that we have all used them at least once in our writing. They're just so tempting! It's like when you read a story you think, "I love that idea! I'll put it in my story!" Then, someone reads your story and puts  it in theirs and before you know it, a cliche is born.

    It's like Nutella. You're like, "Just one more scoop. One more...and Bam! Your sandwhich has a jar-full of Nutella on it! (That was a metaphor for all of you straight forward people out there.)

    So by now you might be wondering, why did this girl put this blog up in the first place? And I'm…

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