People Never Forget by September14Fall and BlueDog270

"You see Jack, you thought everything was going to be alright from there. But little did you know that I would make your life a living hell." He growled, taking a step towards me. "Wanna know why?" He pauses for a second and raises
his fist... "because, people NEVER forget." I closed my eyes, bracing for the impact of his fist colliding with my face.

This story is not your average fanfiction where Jack and Kim fall in love and go on dates. This story is far from it. "People Never Forget" is a suspenseful, dramatic, and intriguing read that is impossible to stop reading.

I love how the authors have Kai and Carson return. It really gives the story that extra touch that separates it from extremely amazing to over-the-top-amazing.

This action-packed story is one of my favorite stories. Well written and has an amazing concept that makes it such a great story.

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