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Name: Jazzie

Job: Review, Beta, Contest, and Banner Admin.

Age: Between the ages of 10 and 20! That should narrow it down!

Location: I'm pretty sure I live on earth, I haven't really checked but I guess I you have a spaceship I can borrow?

FanFiction PenName: NaturallyWritten, which I share with my friend and StupidlyGenius.

Most Embarrassing Moment: I don't know about you but I have so many embarassing moments but never seem to remember them! The only one I can lay my hand on is when I was at my school assembly. They were calling people on stage and then I heard my name. I rushed down from the bleachers and onto the stage thinking I was getting a awrad and everyone was looking at me strange. I was kinda dozing out so I didn't even hear why they called me down. Apparently, it was to "stop sleeping and pay attention". My friends never let me live it down!

Favourite Book: How dare you make me choose! There is way to many! I can't decide, but the ones that I can think of that I like are the Kane Chronicles Series, Secret Series,The Giver Series, and The InkWorld Series. I just finished reading the second book of the Giver Series, it's awesome. If you haven't read it yet, well, read it. Now.

Preferred Category: I like to read Hate/Love stories when they're done right. If they're just rushed then they're horrible.   It's like, one day I'm confessing my hatred for you to the entire school and the next we're making out in the closet. Uhh, hello?

Do you write: Yep! I'm an okay writer. A lot better than when I started though. If you look back on my writing now to a  about two years ago...big difference.

What you look for when judging: I want to read a story that's realistic. One that may not have a happy ending, but it's real. I also look for originality in Cliches. I have no problem with them but if you're going to write one, add some twist!  Let's see...grammar and punctuation are always good but overall, no matter what the plot, it's always the wording that draws me in.

Pet peeve when judging:  Okay, I din't want to take up the whole page so I'l try to narrow it down for ya'. I really don't like Original characters. The gang is already complete. You hav the Jock, Nerd, Player, and Sassy Girl. That's the stereotypical school gang! I mean-you know what? I think I'll write a blog about this instead and save you guys the effort. To sum it up shortly, Unrealistic OC's and Too many P.O.V changes. That paragraph is still pretty long, though. :)

Random Facts: I am in love with Yogurt Land, In N' Out, and Donuts. Food is my best friend.


Vanessa Hudgens 2

Name: Noelle

Job: Review Admin.

Age: 10 - 20 

Location: My Imagination

FanFiction PenName: Peace.Love.Passion.Laugh

Most Embarrassing Moment: Out shopping with a friend. I've failed to notice the shop censor and ultimately slammed into it, and spilling my drink on my front. It wasn't a pretty sight or fashion choice.

Favourite Book/Series: Harry Potter series and Mortal Instruments series.

Preferred Categories: Love/Hate Stories.

Do you write: Definitely!

What do you look for when reviewing stories: Their unique way of writing and use of vocabulary and grammar. How detailed each chapter is that might captivate the reader deeper into the story. How different their story may be to others and the never-ending suspense of what lays ahead and how the author is able to twist the plot into something unimaginable. How their characters appearance and characters are described and based on and what type of role they play in a story, with things such as their past and troubled thoughts. The conflicting emotions between characters and how it may contribute to the story.

Pet Peeve when reviewing: When the author fails to keep the story spaced evenly and all dialog and descriptions are bunched up into one, making it impossible for the reader to focus on the story and only chose to try and see if they are reading the correct line. The use of vocabulary that usually points out the obvious in both the story itself, the title and plot, along with the rush of writing.

Random Facts: I love cupcakes, chocolate and strawberry banana smoothies. I am addicted to FanFiction. My favorite color is gold, and my fashion obsessions are dresses, cardigans, ankle boots, and scarves. A&W is my favorite fast-food restaurant. I'm mesmerized with hazel and blue eyes, blonde and chestnut hair in guys.Terrified of rollercoasters, snakes, and spiders. Non-athletic and failed to swim. Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Dianna Agron and Lea Michele are my true role models. Fascinated with Italian food and hopes to visit Paris, London, New York, Tokyo, and California. I constantly yearn for the old disney and the vast majority of my passion includes literature.



Name: Maggie

Job: Beta Admin.

Age: 12

Location: Earth..or more specific, America.

FanFiction PenName: Flamebeast

Most Embarrassing Moment: My friends were singing, Maggie and (Boy who likes me) sitting in a tree! And then he walked passed us, blushed, and quickly ran off. He never brought it up again and I don't blame him.

Favourite Book/Series: The Secret Series.

Preferred Category: Fantasy! Sometimes Sci-Fi.

Do you write: Yep, I prefer fantasy though. I'm working on a ghost story now.

What do you look for when reading stories: Interesting characters and villains with some depth to them.

What is your Pet Peeve when reviewing a story: When it's rushed.

Random Facts: I was born a vegetarion and have been raised a devoted Trekkie and Whovian. My first Fanfiction was Doctor Who. I take martial arts as a green belt, and am horrible at weaponry but relatively good at sparring.



Name: Calli

Job: A Review Admin!

Age: Finally fourteen, Whooooo!

Location: The Land Of The Unknown...  I live wherever my mind takes me, that's usually when I'm bored, and trust me I'm bored a lot.

FanFiction PenName: theditor  (clever huh)

Most Embarrassing Moment: When I threw up in the school cafeteria.  It was awful.  I wasn't feeling too well that day and then I walked into the cafeteria and just an aroma of bad smelling food washed over me.  I went to get my lunch, walking, walking, and then, all of a sudden my stomach decided to torture me.  I tried dashing for the bathroom, but my stubbon stomach was too fast for me, I threw up in the corner getting all over my clothes, that, is NOT something you EVER want to happen to you.

Favourite Book/Series: The Mysterious Benedict Society

Preferred Category: Mystery or Adventure. Anything with a lot of suspense and twist.  I think it gives more depth to the story and there are a lot of things that shock you, even 75% of the way through.  And they always have lots of detail because there's so much to explain.  And I love details.  It brings everything into a new light.

Do you write: Yes.  I love to.  I have been doing it since I was like 3.  Stories, songs poems, you name it, i've wrote it.  I just think that it's something incredible when you're able to have someone picture something that you have written, it's truly something powerful.  I'm never gonna stop writing, it's something that will be with me forever.

What do you look for when Reviewing Stories: A thick plot and a lot of surprises.  I like to be able to know exactly what the author wants, it easiest to enjoy a story that way.  I don't have to worry about loose ends or things that don't fit right, I see what they want me to and I know that is what they meant.

Pet Peeve when reviewing a story: When the plot is lifeless and way to many words are missing or the wrong ones are there.  It just ticks me off.  I want to be able to see the picture that author does and I can't, either the word slip ups ditract me from the story, or there practically is no story.  I know that everyone has the ability to show me the picture they see so show me!

Random Facts: I live on chocolate, no lie.  I litterally crash if I don't have enough chocolate each day.  Sure it may not be the best for me, but why give up my favorite food?  I love to climb trees, we have these poplar trees in the yard with branches everywhere.  I love climbing up them and just lying on a branch and imagining things.  Plus, no one else can do it so I can stay separated from others.  I love being outdoors, it's one of my favorite things to do.  We have these woods behind my house and I love going into them and just exploring, it can separate me from normal civilization and I can just feel free. My favorite animal is a bunny (hense the picture), they are so adorable in my eyes, that and the fact that they have the softest fur of any creature.  My favorite color is baby blue, I remember when I was little, waking up to a bright blue sky that would just help me start my day happy.  I love Mexican food, I have for a while.  And that's traditional Mexican food, not stuff you get a taco bell.  My favorite band is parachute.  I love them because their songs go into more depth of personal relationship instead of "oh, I love you" or "I hate you" plus, it actually shows the guys as people who are willing to do the right thing in a realtionship.  And for all of you out there, whatever gender you are, many on this earth here aren't the best, sure, but think about it like this, you can only have one true love.  Okay, now you know a lot more about me.



Name: Alexi

Job: Beta Admin and the host of Writer's Cafe.

Age: Older than thirteen but younger than sixteen!

Location: Surfing or playing guitar on a boardwalk...

FanFiction PenName: in-between-shades

Most Embarrassing Moment: There was this one time when I tripped on my shoe lace while going down the stairs. Everything in my bookbag fell out on the floor and I actually sprained my ankle and had to go to the nurse! It wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't for the fact that the entire school was watching...

Favourite Book/Series: I've got loads of favourite books! I'm a huge classics fanatic, but I love anything with drama or mystery in it. I've read everything from The Great Gatsby to The Missing Series to The Tao of Pooh!

Preferred Category: Friendship/Humour/Drama/Romance. I don't have a particular genre that I stay attatched to, and I'm always willing to read / try new things!

Do you write: Yup!

What do you look for when reading a story: Original plot line, good grammar/punctuation, high content vocabulary, and characters with complexity. The story doesn't need to be good in order for me to beta it, I love to read something that I can work on!

Pet Peeves when reviewing a story: When everything is bolded or in italics, constant cliches, Mary-Sues and Marty-Stus, and no spacing whatsoever.

Random Facts: I love Nutella and cupcakes, I spell "favourite", "neighbour", "colour", and "labour" with a u (my friends always question it) and I pronounce z like the word zeta (Canadian in the house!), my favourite colour is green, and my best friends have gotten into the annoying habit of calling me "Cade" and "Caine" all the time. My idols are F. Scott Fitzgerald, Charles Dickens, Thomas Fletcher, Nicholas Sparks, and Steven Spielberg, amoung  others. I play some softball and surf every weekend (I'm a goofy-foot), and I'm also ambidextrous. Oh, and my favourite band is McFly!


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Name: Marquita

Job: I'm an nterview Admin! I'll be interviewing fanfiction writers to find out certain things about them and their stories. I'll also be a contest admin!

Age: I'm 13!

Location: Texas!

FanFiction PenName: ChocolateMusicYum

Most Embarrassing Moment: I'm kinda lucky to have only minorly embarrasing moments. Ya know, moments that 'll be forgoten in a day. So my most embarassing moment would probably showing up at school with one of thoes "Fiesta" floats in fifth grade when only the little kids were supossed to bring them.

Favorite Book/Series: It's a tie between the Hunger Games triology and 39 Clues series. There both awesome in their own way and it's hard to chose between them.

Preferred Genre: I love stores that take place in the modern world, and the more dramatic the better! For some reason, drama is fun to read! Supernatural stories are also very cool.

Do you write: I'm not one of those 'write out your feelings' or ' full of ideas' people, but I do like to write. I've written three fanfics: "When We Meet Again" (which is being re-written), and "Sleep Singing", which are both Auslly fics, and "The Mission", which is a Kick fic.

What do you look for when reading a story: When I read a story, the most important thing is that it's flows smoothely, and is clear about what is happening. Details are really nice and greatly improve the story. I also like to see original ideas; they make the story unique.

Pet Peeves when reading a story: I hate to see rated M stuff. You're writing for a Disney show for Pete's sake! I also hate when people use the character's boyfriends/ex-boyfriends/crushes and make them abusive.

Random Facts: I love reading! In fact, I read so much that as of fifth grade (I haven't been tested since) I was reading at the 11th grade level! I also like translating other languages into English. Weird, huh? I absolutely love Reese's peanut butter cups! I eat them so much that I've started to make a ball out of the tin foil wrappers of the mini Reese's! I randomely blurt out song lyrics, especialy one's from songs written by my favorite band, R5. I have a book of obsessions, which contains (or will contain, once I finish it) everything I find out about things/people I'm obessed with. I'm in love with music, and I'm learning to play the keyboard. I also want to be able to play the acoustic and electric guitar, drums, and the flute. My dream is to be an actress and I hope one day to star on Disney channel. That's who I am!


Bethany 2

Name: Bethany

Job: Interview Admin!

Age: 10-20

Location: Canada.

FanFiction PenName: This.Is.Me.Bethany

Most Embarrassing Moment: It was after the exhausting band practice. It wasn't just the ordinary after-school practice it was bright and early, late arrivals aren't acceptable without a note. I had just placed away my flute and waited with my friends, I briefly smiled at the thought of overcoming the thought of hate towards one of them because she was my crush's s ex-girlfriend. But she managed to touch me. We began to talk about our complicated love lives, somehow my friend brightened up and gave me a mischevious look then she grabbed my wrist and began dragging me across the halls to where his lockers were. I began tugging back to my locker at the sight of him. But my other friend helped the same friend, but this other girl began to tug on my other arm refusing to let me be forced. So I was in a tug of war between my friends, and I gained a lot of looks. When I saw him again, I snapped my arms back a bit to fast and smacked all of them in the face and turned bright red at the amused look in his eyes. I turned and ran away from him as soon as possible.

Favorite Book/Series: It's a tie between the Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and Chronicles of Narnia.

Preferred Genre: Love/Hate, I'm obsessed with those.

Do you write: Yes!

What do you look for when reading a story: The use of flow in descriptions. The complexity of the writing, proper-grammar. A unique set of plots and twists, the originality and the meaning behind each chapter and scenes. How each character demonstrates something useful in the story. How reality kicks in a story. The character's past, appearance and speech can show in a simply sentence or paragraph. How the author creates a different set of personalities in each character he/she makes. Overall the creative and artistic insight mixed together to create a story.

Pet Peeves when reading a story: When the story is scattered from one setting to another with no clue how the characters transported. The organization of each chapter, having spaced the dialog and paragraphs but not bunched up into long big paragraphs. When lack of descriptions or actions are added. When a story is rushed or it is visible that the author hasn't placed time and care into the story. The constant repeat of words like; said. Cheesy or too predictable endings leaving any trace of suspense non-existant when reading.

Random Facts: Incredibly quiet, shy and insecure. Obsessed with chocolate and glitter. Neat-freak. Has the need to create even the most simply project to be unique and outrageous. Places all hidden emotions in stories and constantly doodles on a notebook -story outline or daydreaming. Vulnerable to presenting work and becoming sociable. Suffers a complicated love life. Expresses myself through fashion or literature. Dreams to have super powers and believes in horoscopes.



Name: Anna!

Job: Contest Admin, Banner Admin

Age: Between the ages of 10 and 20.

Location: Outer Space!

FanFiction PenName: ILuvAlpacas26

Most Embarrassing Moment: In band this one time, my friend was coloring a pic she drew (she couldn't play cause she JUST got her braces on). She dropped the orange colored pencil. My guy friend bends down and picks it up and instead of giving it to her, he says "I found an orange pencil!" My friend (who was coloring) said, "Hey that's mine!" But my guy friend starts to walk away. I grabbed his wrist to try and keep him from moving away and then my band teacher sees this and says "Anna and (guy friends name), stop holding hands!" The entire class started laughing it was so embarassing.

Favorite Book/Series: The Gallagher Girls Series.

Preferred Genre: My favorite's are Realistic Fiction, Fantasy, and Science Fiction. :)

Do you write: Yes, yes I do.

What do you look for when reading a story: Hm...a good plot, creative ideas, and a steady pace.

Pet Peeves when reading a story: Rushed Plots, Spelling errors and Cliche Ideas.

Random Facts: I love alpacas, I can play the saxophone, and I love the ukulele.



Name: Jacqueline or Jackie!

Job: Review and Beta Admin!

Age: Younger than 20, older than 10!

Location: Canada!

FanFiction PenName: aligning street lights

Most Embarrassing Moment: It was a few years ago, and I was with some guys that I just met. It was at a park, and we were all there for a "Filipino Independence Picnic" for, well, Filipino Independence day (I live in Canada). And there was this fairly large.. dent.. in the ground with.. ah, mud at the bottom. It stretched all the way around the entrance of the park and the guys were acting like it was the biggest accomplishment to jump to the other side without getting mud all over them. And let me note that they were extremely attractive. So they all jumped to the other side when I'm just standing there thinking, I can do this. Turns out I couldn't. And, long story short: I was wearing mud all over my pants for the rest of the day.. trying to impress attractive guys I just met an hour earlier. Embarrassing! It was not a pretty sight.

Favorite Book/Series: Hunger Games, Percy Jackson and The Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus..I can't chose which I prefer...

Preferred Genre: Fiction!

Do you write: Yes!

What do you look for when reading a story: Usually the plot and story line has to be interesting. For me, it also has to stay on topic. It shouldn't stray away from the original problem, and the pace shouldn't be too rushed or too prolonged. That's when most people lose intrest of a novel/story. The characters should be interesting, and the situation should be believable or relatable (depending on the genre, of course).

Pet Peeves when reading a story: I'm not going to call anyone out, but there are a lot of FanFics with the same kind of plot line. But sometimes there are ones that have a great plot line but are so grammatically incorrect that you can't understand half of what they're writing, it's infuriating. One last pet peeve when reading a FanFic is when authors don't break their paragraphs down enough.

Random Facts: I'm right handed but I kick a soccer ball with my left food with more coordination than my right. I am the epitome of procrastination when it comes to studying. When I pick up a great read, I can't put it down even if it takes all day and night. I'm really indecisive. I used to take piano lessons, but stopped in the middle of grade six. I want to learn to play the guitar and ukulele. I'm Asian/Canadian. I'm learning how to speak Japanese because of my sister's obsession with Anime. My favourite music genres are: R&B, rap, slow-jam, and some songs from the 80's. I love watching old television shows such as Friends, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, The Nanny etc. My favourite words are "twat" and "nuisance", and apparently I look like an August baby.

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