• CupcakesForever12

    Second Date

    March 26, 2013 by CupcakesForever12

    I'm doing the 200 word contest! WHOO! So, please enjoy!!

    Jack ran out of his house and sped walk to the dojo, wanting to get there early to meet Kim. He had to ask her something important, that just wouldn't leave his mind. He want to ask her on a second date. Their first date was great, magical, just...incredible, and he needed more time with her. He entered the dojo to find Kim drinking from her water bottle. "Kim!" He cried. Kim turned around to face a slightly sweating Jack. She smiled and replied "Hey! So, why did you want me to meet you early?" She asked. He wanted to blurt it out, but he would sound too desperate. Well, he was desperate. "Um, do you want to go out again tonight or tomorrow? On our second date?" Kim bit her bottom lip…

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