So I was a little bit bored... :)

_________________________________________________________________________ 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH' I screamed as loud as I could and ran behind Milton. Jack was after me.

It all started when we, Jack and I, looked out the window. We saw something. Something beautiful. But I knew from that moment on he would be after me.

'KIM! WHERE ARE YOU!?' I flinched as I heard him scream my name.

'Kim, you wanna let go? You're kind of.. you know... HOLDING ME TOO TIGHTLY' Milton screeched. I instantly let go of his skinny arm and searched for Jack.


It hit me. Hit me hard. I turned around and what do I see?

A brunnette boy laughing his butt off.


I knelt down, made a snowball and chucked it at him. Unfortunately it missed, giving him another reason to continue laughing. I made another one and chucked it. Missed. Another one. Missed. And another. But I missed.

'Oh Kimmy, would ya let it go? Face it. Kimmy can't throw snowballs' Jack said walking up to me. Instantly I grabbed his arm and flipped him over.

'Yep but wittle Kimmy knows how to flip jerks!' I screamed, smirking at him.

'Yeah yeah whatever sheesh' He said whilst getting up, 'I think that's enough snowballs for one day, let's hit the park. According to Rudy it's 'beautiful as Tiptip's mother.'

'Okay then?'

'Come on!' He said grabbing my hand, leading me to the winter wonderland.

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