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    It's Meg here with a swasome story for Nina's contest.  

    I'm going to try to spend a bit of time here.  Love the idea of Spotlight :)  

    Here you go!!!  


    And the 205 word count begins.... NOW!  

       Jack Brewer was smitten with Kim Crawford.  True, she was a cheerleader.  But she was tougher than stone.   Never one to whine, never backed down from a fight.  She had a heart of gold, but her glare sent men running.   Jack found this adorable and very attractive. 

    Milton Krumpnick knew how the media had taught girls to value beauty over intelligence.   Spray tans,  slutty clothes, he didn't get it.  He wanted someone with real beauty, and he found Julie.  A girl just as smart as he was.  She wore no disguise, just a smile and a beautiful …

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