JustCallMeDee :)

  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on January 14
  • My occupation is Writer, Judge, Interviewer and Admin!! Future Writer and Social Worker
  • I am 100% Girl!!!
  • JustCallMeDee :)

    Pitter, patter, pitter, patter was all that was heard throughout the Brewer house hold. The rain beat down on the roof top hard. The thunder was so loud you would think there was a lion on the loose. The lightning was so bright and scary that even the most toughest people would be scared. Take Kim Crawford for example, a girl who was wide awake. She was lying in the Brewer's living room in her purple sleeping bag. Now Kim Crawford was a tough girl mind you. If you got on her bad side thoug, you must either be sucidal or just insane to go there. She would drop kick you to the moon if you called her a 'Southern Belle' or 'Just a Blonde'. She hates it when people underestimate her because she is a girl and has a blond hair. Kim may have a tom…

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  • JustCallMeDee :)

    Hey guys! This is my first blog on here! I just want to say Spotlight is awesome! So far everything about it is so cool! I love how there are betas willing to help you out, really awesome admins and cool contests! So far I've entered one and I'm really excited! I hope it has a chance at winning! Anyways I gotta go but really I give spotlight so far an A+!! :)

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